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Art Director Stylist


I'm Mayuko Yamamoto, and I'm the new Roppongi store manager.
I'd like to introduce myself.

I was born in Shimizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (which is now Shizuoka City) and went to high school and beauty school in Shizuoka Prefecture, where I was born and raised, and then became a hairdresser in my hometown.

When I was about to make my debut as a stylist at a local salon in my 4th year, I realised I wanted to be able to style hair of people from all over the world, not just Japanese, and then I could say "I am a hairdresser".

Even though I couldnt speak any english, I wanted to work in a foreign hairdresser. I though about where in the world would have a community of people from many different countries. New York! So I started looking for a hair salon in New York City.

That's when I found "Hayato New York".

It was there that I was able to meet the president, Hayato-san, for the first time.

I was incredibly nervous, but Hayato-san spoke in the same calm tone as he does now, saying that he wanted to "train hairdressers that can be accepted worldwide", and I was impressed by this.

I knew then I wanted to work here at Hayato Salons! I wanted to be able to speak English well like Hayato's predecessors and make people around the world happy! With this in mind , I left for New York.

The interview went well, and my dream of working abroad finally became a reality.

Working in New York for 4 and a half years and being able to work in a place where the top people in various fields from all over the world gather was a great experience.

Little by little, I learned to speak English and started getting more and more customers, and I began to enjoy my beauty work more, and I became more absorbed in my profession.

I was realising my dream of making people from around the world happy.

While communicating with customers in English, if I could learn about each customer's favorite style and lifestyle, I would be able to create the ideal hairstyle that they want..

After returning from New York in 2008, I worked at Hayato Omotesando for two years before moving to New Zealand to study life and worked at a local hair salon for nine years.

Having lived abroad for 14 years, I was looking forward to returning to Japanese society, and from January 2020, I became the Roppongi shop "Manager".

I have been working as a hairdresser for 20 years now, and I am looking forward to the challenge of organizing a new salon and working with the wonderful staff I am currently working with to make Hayato Salons a salon that is loved by customers around the world.