Dear Customers

Hayato Tokyo Roppongi&Omotesando shops

Notification of business resumption

All the staff members agreed to restart the business from Thursday, May 7.

The national emergency declaration has been postponed until May 31

Until it is cancelled, we will make a thorough reservation system to avoid close contact with individuals.

the stylist will provide one-on-one service and the person in charge will manage the service so that their customers do not overlap.

It is obligatory to stylists and customers to wear a mask, and thoroughly disinfect the station and shampoo booth after each customer.

We will also introduce a hypochlorous acid water system IELU steam that has the strongest disinfecting power that is also used in the medical field, and thoroughly disinfect customers, staff, air and clothes.

* For details on the effects of IELU -steam, please see the attached file.

Although there are still worries, there are many customers who feels stressed without the care for their hair.

We are not able to actively resume business, but we will resume business with a thorough service that avoids close contact.

We truly would like to relieve as many people’s stress and hope to make our customers’ life brighter.

From June,

Assistants will restart shampoo, massage and treatment services.

Business of each store in June

Roppongi store 7days open(03-5574-8844)

Omotesando store closed on Monday and Tuesday(03-3499-6555)

Hakone store, irregular holidays, reservation only.(0460-83-8351)

All the staff are looking forward to seeing your cheerful smile

We'll be expecting you.

Owner Hayato Tanoue

One of the most unique features of our salon is that all of our stylists are bilingual in Japanese and English.  Furthermore, our stylists are experts when it comes to every kind of hair type.  Our exclusive HAYATO stylist training program has been developed over twenty years.  All of the stylists at our Tokyo salon have undergone training in both techniques and language skills for two years or more at our main salon in New York City.

We have confidence in our high-quality service and our unique original techniques.  For example, we have a special shampooing method which was developed with the help of a professional Shiatsu masseuse.  We added acupressure massage techniques to our conventional shampooing method in order to offer our customers the best in relaxation. 

We believe that people are most beautiful when their inner beauty and outer beauty are in harmony.  We want to offer that confidence and independence to men and women in Japan and around the world.

Our Tokyo location offers the latest technologies and techniques from New York City.  Our HAYATO beauty salons will continue to bring our customers creative, high-quality service.

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Director Stylist


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Associate Stylist

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ハヤトサロン六本木 店舗写真 ハヤトサロン六本木 店舗写真
ハヤトサロン六本木 店舗写真 ハヤトサロン六本木 店舗写真
■ADDRESS 〒106-0032 206 The Roppongi Tokyo Plaza, 3–7–1 Roppongi, Minato–ku, Tokyo
■TEL 03-5574-8844
■Business hours 10:00~20:00
■Reservation deadline time Cut: 19:00
Cut+Perm/Color: 18:00
■Regular holiday Irregular holidays