Hayato Salons was founded in 1992.  Our head office is our salon in New York City, with other salons in Roppongi (Tokyo, Japan), Hakone (Kanagawa, Japan) and Covent Garden (London, UK).

One of the concepts of Hayato Salons is “the pursuit of outer beauty in harmony with one’s natural inner beauty.”  Our mission is to create salons that people will love to visit all around the world.  At our Hayato BeSide Salon and Academy (New York and Tokyo) provides training to up-and-coming stylists with our high-quality techniques and unique services.  Our development program helps to create international stylists whose talents are recognized around the world.

Hayato Salons’ stylists are all bilingual in English and Japanese, and they are experts in beauty techniques for any hair type.

Hayato’s international development program has been improving for more than twenty years.  Our stylists have all completed technical training and language instruction at our New York head office or London branch.  This is an important element in helping us to expand globally and attracting loyal customers worldwide.  We also do our own research and development for our many unique services.

In the busy world of today, both men and women have to deal with stressful jobs and other societal pressures.  Our salon has created our own shampoo massage technique to help customers relax and relieve tension.  It is an acupressure technique, developed by a professional shiatsu master, applied to a conventional shampoo method.  In Japan, a popular version of this technique is called “head spa,” and Hayato Salons were among the first to start using this technique. 

The “head spa” massage stimulates the lymph nodes in the head and neck, which has a relaxing and detoxifying effect.  Combined with a facial massage, it will tighten the lines of the face for an amazing anti-aging effect.

Hayato Salons is not just a hair salon.  We aspire to bring total beauty to both women and men.  Esthetic services were launched at our London salon in 2010.  At our salon in Hakone, Japan, we have a spa using products from the French brand Sothys.  We also have many beauty services available in our Tokyo salon in Roppongi.  Also, in April 2014, we created a villa in Hakone exclusive for Hayato Salon members to stay at while they enjoy the services of our newest salon.  You can experience the ultimate in hospitality and extraordinary service.

Hayato Academy is open to stylists who have worked with us for five years or fewer, and also beauty school graduates who have experience at other beauty salons and want to improve their skills to become top-level international stylists.  We have branches of this popular academy in Omote-sando in Tokyo , and also in New York.

Our stylists will continue to use their creative talents t give the best service and satisfaction to our customers.  “The pursuit of outer beauty in harmony with one’s natural inner beauty” has been one of our concepts ever since our New York branch was founded.
The biginning of Hayato
HAYATO SALONS Owner Hayato Tanoue
1987 Served as the floor manager of Mr. Ahara's beauty salon located at Roppongi, Tokyo in Japan.
1989 Left to New York and worked in a Japanese-American salon.
1991 Opened a private room salon "Hayato Beside".
1992 Opened his first shop in New York.
1994 Changed the name of his salon to "Hayato New York."
1996 Opened 2nd branch in Nishiazabu in Tokyo.
1999 Opened 3rd branch in Aoyama in Tokyo.
2002 New York branch became 2 floors (2nd & 3rd).
2005 Opened “Hayato New York Tokyo Branch” so that Nishiazabu branch & Aoyama branch were combined together.
Opened “Hayato New York International Academy.”
2008 Opened 4th branch in London
2009 Renewal of New York branch
2012 January: Renewal of Tokyo branch in Roppongi, Japan
April: Empire Beauty Academy was started in Omote-sando.
2014 April: Hayato Hakone Salon & Spa Resort was opened
2015 October: Hayato Beside Academy Harajuku was opened

Hayato Salons will continue to work hard and expand our business globally.  We aspire to be a top-quality salon that attracts loyal customers from around the world.