Director Stylist

Director Stylist


Hi nice to meet you.
I’m RYU. and I am so glad that you are reading this page
I was Born and raised up in Saitama Prefecture.
I love European history, travel and fun.
I work as hairdresser since 2011
I worked for 6 years and passed my aim of being a top stylist
After I left the company in 2017,
When I talked with foreigner, I felt unsatisfied with my English ability in that time,
and I was thinking about studying abroad.
In 2017, I studied abroad in Cebu for half a year and worked as an intern in the accounting staff and human resources departments of a English school.
After Cebu In 2018 I work at a beauty salon as an opening staff in Saitama prefecture and I was preparing for a working holiday.
In 2019 I worked at a beauty salon in Paris, France.
In September 2019, I joined executive producer of hair at Paris fashion week as the leader of the hair team staff.
After returning to Japan in 2021, I started working at the HAYATO Tokyo Roppongi store.
My parents loved traveling overseas, so I often traveled abroad since when I was a kid, I I had curious about foreigners cultures, and I was also interested in English.
And when I was 20, when I visited to New York with one of my friend, it was the most emotional trip ever.
There was an energetic city, a gorgeous street, and landscapes were no different in the movies.
What came to my mind when I saw the scenery
“I want to work in New York”
Then I determined I will be hairdresser in that time, and I started attending college at Japan Beauty College, and at the same time I started working at a beauty salon.
I've gotten the awards twice in NHDK. And I also took the stage as a hair makeup stylist for the Spring / Summer 2016 collection.
After that, I went to Cebu to study abroad to improve my English ability.
After that, I decided to go to New York, but I was worried about getting VISA, so I determined to go to France.
I couldn't speak French at all in that time, but I studied French on the app and YouTube.
During I was there, I was able to improve my English and French language skills, and I was able to learn my skills as a beautician in France.
In addition, I joined as the head of the Paris Fashion Week hair team.
At Paris Fashion Week, I took care of many models and took overall command of hair.
While I was in France, I traveled to Greece, England, Austria, Morocco, etc.
I’ve been able to visit a total of 27 countries in my life so far.
Then I also experienced a two-month lockdown in France, experienced hygiene measures in Europe in that time, and I came back Japan in November.
I will do my best to make wonderful relationships with new colleagues and new customers at HAYATO Salons.
Thank you very much you read my articles until the end!
We look forward to your visit!