Esthetic services are currently not available.
We will inform you of the resumption of the service from this website.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and thank you for your understanding.
Fundamentals 60min ¥10,000
Pore refiner
And opening arguments occur of pores due to sagging along with aging, it is a total pore treatments excessively care pores that had more open of sebum secretion.
60min ¥10,000
Seasonal Pro Facial
This treatment is perfect for all skin types. It was developed based on seasonal changes that can affect your skin in an annual cycle. This cleansing facial will give you luminous and clear skin, as well as plenty of vitamins in preparation to protect your skin in the coming seasons. Contains raspberry and lychee peel extracts. * Paraben-free (for all skin types)
90min ¥16,000
TI Secret Facial
Using the highest-quality products from the Sothys line, this is an anti-aging and stress care treatment that you can enjoy with all five senses. While helping to halt the aging of the skin, the aroma of ylang-ylang and marjoram provides a deep relaxing effect.
110min ¥27,000
TI Energy Facial
Using eight of our system’s products, this facial supports your skin’s natural defenses and gives your skin a healthy, natural glow.
90min ¥20,000
TI Hydra Facial
The new TI Hydra advanced treatment provides unparalleled moisturizing capabilities by stimulating the genes that affect hydration. Refresh your skin and your mind with this intensive facial.
90min ¥20,000
TI[C] Anti-Aging Facial
This is Sothys’ exclusive anti-aging facial for all skin types. By improving your skin’s appearance, luminosity, and beauty, you will look and feel younger after this treatment. Sothys’ original H2CR complex provides optimal antioxidant protection by increasing the communication between cells and increasing the healthy skin cells. First, we will determine your skin’s “actual age” with a diagnostic chart, and then customize the facial to your particular needs.
90min ¥20,000
Excellent Secret Body Treatment 100min ¥20,000
Hanakasumi (Flower Mist) Body Treatment
This treatment will help you feel a deep sense of relaxation and refreshment. It is conducted in a room filled with a distinctly Asian aroma, and you will feel as if you are in a "mist of cherry blossoms."
90min ¥20,000
Aroma Body Treatment 60min ¥12,000
90min ¥18,000
Customized Body Treatment
You can choose from three textures (cream, oil, or wax) and your favorite aroma for a completely tailor-made treatment.
75min ¥14,000
Event Treatment
For our special “event” treatments, we will have a different theme every year to provide rest and relaxation away from the stress of hectic daily life.
90min ¥20,000
Aroma Foot-Spa 60min ¥8,000
Relaxation massage (face & body) 90min ¥20,000
Fundamental facial & foot massage 90min ¥15,000
Massage by professional bodywork therapist (two-day advance reservation required) 90min ¥15,000