with Sothys, live the absolute beauty experience

The joy of beauty for women, it is the wish of Sothys unchanging 60 years.

Ancient Egypt, the gods of the era. Star that had been erased from the night sky is jealous of Venus "elephant beauty fine Sothys". The company wishes its revival, the modern woman with a force of thorough science has to offer the beauty of Sothys is, it is Sothys of professional skin care brand. It provides an optimal skin care menu to each and every according to the medical records of aging and women's skin type, beautifully from the cellular level, we hope and want you to become a "Sothys" contemporary to all women.
Physician specializing in biology, Dr. Hotz is 1946, building the basic philosophy of skin care for the purpose of improvement of the skin, and expand the Institute "Sothys Salon" then in Paris of the main street Faubourg-Saint-Honore. Is enlarged by the current president Bernard trout, and I now have won the highest confidence in the world 110 countries or more of Professional Skin Care Salon & Spa.

Sothys has been entrusted only to the professional hand chosen.

Was born in France Sothys brand has been sold to be used only through the esthetic salons around the world. Information to be submitted from all over the world, is fed back into the hands of everyone through immediately professional hand by its own product development. Its excellent product capabilities and highly original treatment for the first time by accurate product understanding and polished technique, because all of efficacy that are inherent are exhibited. Sothys is in the field of professional skin care, cosmetics brand of ideal that the real pro-seek.

All of the ideal, in the product.

Sensitive, it is prone redness. Drying prone. Acne and pimples, wrinkles .... Each and every skin type, the infinite variety. Age and climate, as well, such as by lifestyle, skin is constantly changing. Sothys is, to the skin of such a woman, and considered that to meet fine is to be the cosmetics of "ideal", we gained three product concept. By our own laboratory, which boasts the cosmetics industry-leading technology, constantly produced without the "effect". It does not give a burden to the skin, and "safety" by the addition of natural ingredients. And, well comfortable to use, for where I am feeling an elegant mood "comfortable". Its charms, is drawn to the fullest in the procedure of esthetician, it offers "anti-aging effect" of the ideal that suits your skin surely.

For skin when all. For skin of all people.

Since the skin life is constantly changing over time, any time take the, the skin in the same state as one, is not. Sothys of skin care is a unique skin care system that has been developed basedon the concept that was starting from this point. Care for the care of preparation. Care to adjustthe balance of the physiology of the skin. Changes in the skin tissue, and care for the decline of physiological functions. In addition, salon care own advanced treatment .... This system was also conceived to be able to correspond to any state in which the skin life will change what,'s the essence of Sothys.

Fundamentals 60min ¥10,000
Pore refiner
And opening arguments occur of pores due to sagging along with aging, it is a total pore treatments excessively care pores that had more open of sebum secretion.
60min ¥10,000
Seasonal Pro
The whole skin matter treatment. It is a treatment that has been developed on the basis of the seasonal biology thought your skin with annual cycle. Leads to your skin is cleaned and shining skin, giving plenty of vitamins to your skin in preparation for summer, and increase the protection force. Raspberry extract and lychee pericarp extract gives the fun and joy along with the effect. * Paraben-free (all skin type object)
90min ¥16,000
TI Secret
Using the product of the finest line among the Sothys, it is a global anti-aging and stress care treatment you feel in the five senses. It is possible to stop the aging of your skin from various aspects and gives a deep relaxing effect on Iran Iran and marjoram aroma.
110min ¥27,000
TI Energy
By eight of system products, to support the protection of your skin it is equipped with the original, and gives a healthy glow to the healthy with no skin.
90min ¥20,000
TI Hydra
The new TI Hydra advance treatments with unparalleled moisturizing ever, the effective component selected by to stimulate hydration gene is concentrated, intensive treatment to regain the comfort and hydration.
90min ¥20,000
Sothys's first, is the treatment of an effective anti-aging for all skin types. Look, shine, the beauty of the skin does not have to necessarily represent the actual age. Sothys own development component H2CR complex provides an optimal antioxidant protection, by increasing the communication between cells, and increases the healthy skin cells. This treatment, to determine the age of your skin by aging diagnostic chart, is customized aging care that is tailored to different grade.​​​​​​​
90min ¥20,000
Excellent Secret 100min ¥20,000
HANAKASUMI (Hanakasumi) satisfies the room in Asia aroma, customers will feel like being in the "mist of cherry blossom", is a body treatment to help you feel a deeper sense of relaxation, and refreshing feeling .
90min ¥20,000
Aromabody Treatment 60min ¥12,000
90min ¥18,000
Customers are three texture (cream, oil, wax) and is completely tailor-made treatments which you can choose from your favorite aroma.
75min ¥14,000
Event Treatment​​​​​​​
Events treatments appear to have a new theme every year resistance from hectic everyday you and invites to the non-daily deep relaxation world.
90min ¥20,000
Aroma Foot-Spa 60min ¥8,000
Relaxation massage (facial & body) 90min ¥20,000
Facial fundamental & foot massage 90min ¥15,000
Massage by professional saber (2 days advance reservation required) 90min ¥15,000